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The Indigenous Heritage Circle (IHC) is an Indigenous-designed and Indigenous-led organization founded in 2016 that is dedicated to the advancement of cultural heritage matters of importance to Métis, Inuit and First Nations Peoples in Canada. The IHC fully recognizes that Indigenous Peoples understand and describe “heritage” according to their own perspectives, traditions and languages, and that Indigenous heritage is intrinsic to Indigenous well-being and held for all generations. A general definition for Indigenous heritage includes ideas, experiences, worldviews, objects, forms of expressions, languages, practices, knowledge, spirituality, kinship ties and places valued by Indigenous Peoples. More...


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Closer to Home: Locating and Retrieving Indigenous Heritage from Archives Outside Canada – A Symposium, March 5th and 6th, 2019 /

Plus près de chez nous : Trouver et récupérer le patrimoine autochtone dans des archives à l’étranger – Un symposium, 5 mars et 6 mars, 2019

Check our events page for more information. /
Consultez notre events page pour plus d’information. Symposium funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada / Ce symposium est financé par le Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines du Canada.

IHC VisionIndigenous Peoples are the true caretakers of Indigenous heritage. Through multiple channels for dialogue and learning, the IHC aims to support Indigenous Peoples in caring for their cultural heritage by providing a centre of dialogue, expression and learning to find solutions, celebrate strengths, and promote knowledge embedded in Indigenous lands, languages, ways of living, and communities.IHC GoalsAdvocate for cultural heritage programs, protocols and policies that can improve the wellness of Indigenous communities in Canada and around the world.

  • Further the understanding, articulation and application of Indigenous heritage and associated practices and protocols
  • Showcase the talents and skills of Indigenous knowledge-keepers and others in the studying, caring for, and managing of Indigenous heritage
  • Develop tools, processes and collaborations that will assist with sharing heritage knowledge, perspectives and solutions with others, including governments and the general public.
  • Getting the Work Done and the Word Out The Government of Canada has committed itself to a renewed relationship with Indigenous peoples in Canada. As part of reconciliation and new relationships with Indigenous peoples, the IHC believes that the federal government must be pressed to support the development of an Indigenous controlled organization that will represent Indigenous interests and apply Indigenous knowledge and practices in working with each other and allied groups to identify and protect heritage that matter to Indigenous people.IHC Engagement EventsThe IHC directors are committed to hearing from as many people as possible about how the Circle can serve Indigenous communities and contribute to solutions related to the protection, celebration and sharing of cultural heritage. Learn about some of our events (current and past) here.